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Robot Rebellion Art Process

Robot Rebellion Art Process - Canny Creations

I thought it would be fun to detail out the process for creating the design “Robot Rebellion”. It is always fun to bring an idea to life, and I have been wanting to share that for a while now. I generally do everything digital except for paper sketches at times. I like to put on some music and just get lost in the whole thing for hours. 

I begin with just thinking up some ideas that might be good on a product and fun to design. I thought it would be fun to create a post-apocalyptic style design, and AI has been in the news so I thought I would base it on a disgruntled robot.


I started by sketching out the robot so I can have some guides, and then I created the actual ink outline. This usually takes a few hours because I like to make a few different sketches sometimes before I decide on the one I am going to use for the inking process. 

Canny Creations - Robot Rebellion Sketch

After that, I create the fill for the illustration using acrylic and airbrush in the software. I like to imagine the light source and then base the rest of the design on that. After filling in the entire character I make shading and some effects like the glowing lines on the head and weapon firing effect. Also, I like to add texture to the character at that point as well. 

Canny Creations - Robot Rebellion Sketch Fill

At this point, I set aside the actual character image and I began to create the world that the character lives in. I wanted everything to have a rusty look and a dark tone. I knew that I wanted the robot to look like it fit into the world based on the perspective, so I made some guidelines based on the character, and using a three-point top-down view as I drew in the strokes for the city and path. 

Canny Creations - Robot Rebellion Background Sketch

Laying down the background and fill comes next, and this is pretty fun because I enjoy smearing around the acrylic a little and watching things come together with it. I like to keep that light sources coming from the same place to keep everything looking like it fits.

To finish everything off I add in fog with overlay and texture details over the fill. I then transfer the finished image into the photo editor to adjust the levels and do some general touch-ups to make everything look nice. I then opened my robot image and place it into the scene to complete the design. 

After it is all complete I resize the image as needed to it will fit on each product. Below is the final design on the hoodie.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my process of creating art for products, and there will be more to come!