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Warrior Reflect Process

Warrior Reflect Process - Canny Creations

For this design, I knew I wanted to create a little bit darker design with light contrast. I thought it would be cool to have a warrior of some kind in the moonlight. I thought of different ways I could do this to make it look nice, and I finally came up with this design. 

I started with the rough sketch and then the inking. I eventually chose to have the warrior looking slightly down. I try to imagine a story behind the art as I am sketching, this helps me develop the design. I felt that the warrior was reflecting on his life and past battles, and this helped me think of the eventual scenery. 

Canny Creations - Warrior Reflect Sketch

After the sketch, I used some paint fill and modified it to give the effect of shading. This will eventually become darker when I add some masks and overlay to the illustration. The light source will become important later on when the moon is added in.

Canny Creations - Warrior Reflect Fill

I then create the cliff as a separate image that I will add later due to the different brushes I wish to use in a separate program. I keep in mind the light source and where I want to place the character as I am creating this, so I won’t have to do much modifying later in the photo program.

Canny Creations - Warrior Reflect Cliff

Next is the mountain range and the moon behind it. I try to give each peak a little bit of light reflection so it will stand out more in the dark. I create a blur behind the moon so it will give the added impression of brightness. 

Canny Creations - Warrior Reflect Mountains

After I have created all the aspects of the design I combine them all to create the final image. I do some masking on the cliff and character to add a dark layer to them for added shading. I am also applying more texture at this time to the scenery. 

Canny Creations - Warrior Reflect Final

Below is the final image on our hooded blanket.

hope you have enjoyed learning about the Warrior Reflect design process. Stay tuned for more!